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Studio renovations update…

The studio extension is coming on a treat. The whole area has been tacked out with plasterboard ready to be plastered and we have had an electrician in for a few evenings to sort out all the new supply. We have managed to link the two new rooms in to the existing control room via new patchbays so that we now have 4 inter-connected rooms.

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Studio renovation to start

Building work will commence at Threecircles Audio in a matter of weeks. We have employed a building firm to do major groundwork at the site and studio to add major improvements. Major drainage works will be carried out at the farm to enable us to add new kitchen and toilet facilities and we will also have a new lounge area and listening post with somewhere to kick back and relax!

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New Focusrite Liquid Mix

Threecircles Audio are proud new owners of the Focusrite Liquid Mix. The unit emulates vintage recording equipment and gives you hands-on control of 40 different compressor emulations and 20 different EQs from some of the most revered analogue processors in history.

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Studio Improvements

Studio upgrades

We had the great fortune to win a handsome amount of equipment at Sounds Expo in 2007. We have now hugely increased the quality of the equipment we have in all areas, especially our AD/DA convertors which are Apogee Rosetta 800s, some of the best convertors money can buy.

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New Plugins From Sonnox

Chris decided to go to Sounds Expo again this year. We unfortunately didn’t win the big prize giveaway but did come back with some new plugins.

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