Threecircles Recording Studio - Hairball 1176

Hairball Audio 1176 Compressor Build Stage 2

So once you’ve unpacked all the parts to your new 1176 clone what next??

The first thing I do is to assemble the sides, front and back of the chassis as per the picture below:

Threecircles Recording Studio 1176 Rev A Stage 1

It’s imperative to test the chassis for continuity at this point as well, to make sure that all sides of the unit make contact so that it will earth properly. I use a continuity tester with an audible ‘beep’ and test at various points. You may need to scrape off some paintwork at the screw holes to make sure there is adequate contact.

Threecircles Recording Studio - Testing Continuity 1176

The next things to do is to fit the VU meter, the IEC socket and the power transformer. I put these on first as the first stage in the PCB build will be the power stage to check that’s right before stuffing the rest of the board so it’s handy to have the power stage ready. I only loosely fit the power transformer as you will need to move this around as and when you start wiring up but it helps to start getting everything in place.

Threecircles Recording Studio - Power Transformer 1176

I also add the VU meter at this stage as it’s really fiddly to fit last when the switch PCBs are mounted. I also fit the “0” adjust pot now as well. See pictures below.

Threecircles Recording Studio 1176 Vu Meter

Threecircles Recording Studio 1176 "0" Pot

The last thing I do at this stage is to mount the output transformer on the chassis. This is so that the PCB gets mounted at the right position in the case to facilitate wiring up without having to extend the output wires etc.

Threecircles Recording Studio 1176 build output transformer

That’s it for now. The next stage will be to ground the XLR input and output and start stuffing the power section of the PCB and checking it for voltages before getting the rest of it finished and cabling up!


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