Threecircles Recording Studio - Hairball 1176

Hairball Audio 1176 Compressor Build Stage 3

Okay so the next stage is to get the switch units connected up. The Hairball audio compressor kit comes with 2 switch units, one for the meter switches and one for the ratios. The pack also comes with 2 mini PCBs for the switch assembly. Solder on the required resistors and then solder in the switches themselves as per the photos below:

Threecircles Recording Studio 1176 Meter PCB

Threecircles Recording Studio 1176 Ratio board PCB 1

Threecircles Recording Studio 1176 Ratio board PCB 2

The next stage that I do as this point os to wire in the XLR input and output and also hook up the input transformer and hook that up ready for the main PCB:

Threecircles Recording Studio 1176 Input Transformer

Next we can solder the main input section of the PCB and also hook up the power transformer and test that it’s working before populating the rest of the PCB…….


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