Threecircles Recording Studio - Hairball 1176

Hairball Audio 1176 Compressor Build Stage 4

At this point you can start to stuff the main PCB. It’s a really good idea to stuff the power section of the board first and also hoookup the power transformer so that you can test your power rails and make sure you don’t blow the board. This will also save some heartache later on if things don’t work and you have to start troubleshooting……

First I hookup the power transformer:

Threecircles Recording Studio 1176 Power Transformer

Next I stuff the power section of the PCB ONLY:

Threecircles Recording Studio 1176 PCB Power Section

Then once you have checked your power rails, you can stuff the rest of the board:

Threecircles Recording Studio 1176 Main PCB

….and then mount the PCB in the chassis:

Threecircles Recording Studio 1176 Mounted PCB

Next will be the ratio board and main hookup….

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