Threecircles Recording Studio - Hairball 1176

Hairball Audio 1176 Compressor Build Stage 1

I love 1176 compressors.

So much so that I have already built 2 Blackface Revision D 1176 clones from Hairball Audio

Now I will document here the new build of my Revision A Silverface 1176.

First – unpacking everything!!

1176 Revision A build stage 1

This shot show the box plates and all the bags you get direct from Mouser – bags full of capacitors, resistors, diodes and transistors.

This may look a little daunting but there is nothing more rewarding than creating your own hardware.
Hairball Audio have a full step-by-step process on their website which makes the whole process way easier than it would be ordinarily.

Remember – I had never done anything like this before and built 2 working units so anyone can do it!

Check back for progress!


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