PA Hire & Live Engineering

Up to 2kW PA systems

PA Hire and live sound engineering can be provided for most small events – from live bands or DJs to presentations and theatre sound.

We can also provide up to 20-track location recording.

We currently cater for live music for capacities of up to 250 people with full on-stage monitoring, microphones and professional sound engineering.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your live sound requirements

Large PA hire - £400

  • 2000 watt system
  • Up to 6 stage monitors
  • Full mic package
  • 20 channel mixing desk
  • 2 KAM LED Party Bars
  • DI Boxes
  • iPad/iPhone control
  • Recording optional
  • Includes Engineer

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Threecircles Recording Studio - Large PA
Threecircles Recording Studio - Medium PA

Medium PA hire - £300

  • 1000 watt system
  • 2x 250 watt monitors
  • 2x vocal microphones
  • 1x Kick Drum Microphone
  • 1x DI Box
  • 8 channel mixing desk
  • 1x KAM Party Bar
  • Includes Engineer

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Small PA hire - £150

  • 600 watt system
  • 2 x vocal microphones
  • iPod/iPad Cable
  • Monitors £20 each extra
  • LED Party Bar £20 extra

NB. Excludes engineering

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Threecircles Recording Studio - Small PA
"I wanted to thank you again for the live sound you sorted out for us. Feedback from everyone in the audience regarding the sound has been great, and it was certainly the most stress-free soundcheck I’ve ever had. I’ll certainly recommend you in the future."
That Eighties Band
Dave Blackman
That Eighties Band

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