Threecircles Recording Studio - Hairball 1176

Threecircles is now 3 years old!

Threecircles Audio celebrated it's 3rd birthday on the 19th of April this year


Threecircles Audio celebrated it’s 3rd birthday on the 19th of April this year and we are going from strength to strength! Read on for more information as to new improvements being made at the studio….

Threecircles 3rd Birthday

You can expect to see major changes over the coming months. We will soon be renovating the next-door building for use as part of the complex which means will will have more to offer in terms of client hospitality and we will also be able to offer a smaller writing room for clients to utilise instead of having to hire the main studio. We will also have a listening area to check mixes on a variety of speaker systems to check compatibility and also a chillout area with TV and games systems. Keep checking back for more information as it happens!

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