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Covid 19 and getting back into the recording studio

How can recording studios get back to normal after Covid-19?

Covid-19 has affected everyone. Several sectors have been very hard hit, including the music industry. Many studios haven’t been open for many months now and some have closed for good.

So now that lockdown is finally coming to a close, how might this affect your recording sessions?

We all want to get back to normality but recording studios are in a precarious position. Singing produces particulates in the atmosphere and mics are hard to sanitise from Covid. Amps and other equipment also produce heat which can be hard to dissipate. This doesn’t exactly help when you’re trying to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Safety first

So how are we going to make sure musicians can get back into the studio and be safe?

We expect you to follow governments guidelines during your visit. This includes social distancing where possible and using hand sanitiser. We also ask you to wear your mask when not performing or when you can’t be more than 1 metre from someone else. We have sanitiser available in every room as well as masks if you forget to bring your own.

We are putting several procedures in place to provide a safe working environment. These include cleaning, ventilation, zoning and equipment quarantine.


We have a strict cleaning regime. This includes mic cables, headphones and anything visitors may touch during their visit.

Communal areas are also cleaned before and after every session. This includes the kitchen – the kettle and microwave as well as all door and cupboard handles.

Due to Covid transmission we are not currently using hand towels in the wash room. Instead we are using disposable tissue paper and the bins get emptied every day. Hand sanitiser is available in the wash room as well.


We will open windows and doors as much as possible during your visit. We luckily have doors at the front and rear of the facility. This means we can completely flush the air out during breaks. Air conditioning is also available in the control room.

Both the communal area and washroom have opening windows.


Depending on the number of musicians in your band, the control room may have to be out-of-bounds. Due to its size it may not be possible for everyone to pile in to listen to recordings. People can take turns to listen in the studio. Air conditioning will be on while this happens. A separate listening area is also set up in the live room.

Because of this, we are also allowing for more recalls after mixing at no extra cost.

Throughout you visit, the communal areas of the kitchen and washroom will be for client use only. The studio engineer will use other facilities on the property as well as the office space. The office space is off-limits to clients.

A one-way system isn’t possible at the studio. The corridor connecting the lounge to the live room may become a bit of a pinch-point. Visitors will need to be aware of this and police themselves when moving between rooms.

Equipment quarantine

We are fortunate to have a large collection of microphones at the studio. We also have enough headphones and cables so that people don’t need to share. A full list of our microphones can be found on our Equipment page

If you sing into a microphone or use a pop shield, no one else will use that equipment during the same session. That equipment will then get stored for 48 hours in the isolation booth before it gets used again. The isolation booth is off-limits to visitors for this reason.

Moving past Covid

We hope that the measures put in place don’t get in the way of you having fun during your visit. Most of the procedures come down to common sense and with a few caveats, sessions can proceed as normal.

So when can you book your session?

Professional artists can book right away. If you are signed to a record label or make money as a direct result of your recordings then this is you.

Artists or bands within the same household or support bubble can book from April the 12th.

Everyone else can book in from May the 17th.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

To read more, there is some excellent advice from the Musician’s Union

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