Pro Tools HD

Threecircles has Pro Tools HD|2 Accel!

New Pro Tools Recording System for Studio

Admittedly a bit late in the the day – seeing as Avid have moved over to the new HDX system – we are now using a Pro Tools HD 2 Accel system running Pro Tools 10.

A new HDX system would require a new Macintosh computer to run as well as around a £15,000 in new hardware – something that wouldn’t give our clients the best value for money as we would have to raise fees! We also have many years of use left in our current Mac Pro and stepped off the upgrade train some while ago!

This system is rock solid and gets around a lot of the problems we were encountering with the Apogee Symphony system running Logic Pro 9 – mainly hanging and crashes and the system not being ready to record when we were!

This is all a thing of the past now and we are able to use lots more plugins due to the DSP processing on the 2 HD Accel cards – plugins from Waves and Sonnox can now be run with next to no latency while recording and are not taxing the native CPU so projects can be larger and more complex.

Extra Plugins & Hardware

We also now have a TDM copy of Cranesong Phoenix – a lovely saturation plugin, as well as the GML EQ option for the Sonnox EQ – a lovely algorithm based on the Massenburg 8200 EQ.

We now have 2 Digi 192 interfaces and one of the original Rosetta 800 AD interfaces we were using with the Apogee Symphony system – giving us a total of 24 physical inputs from the console as well as 8 plugin insert channels to use outboard equipment.

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