Studio rates

Hourly rate – £40
Half-day session (4 hours) – £135
Full-day session (up to 8 hours) – £200

Session run-on is charged at £25 per hour

All bookings include an engineer, use of all equipment and instruments and a CD per person of the mixes.

Recording and mixing are charged at the same rate.

Dry Hire Rates

Half-day (4 hours) – £100
Full-day (10 Hours) – £150

Your competency will need to be assessed before you are allowed to use our equipment. This will be factored into your first hire period.

Terms and conditions apply.

Rehearsal Rates

Hourly rate £10
Drumkit Hire £10 per session
Marshall Valve Amp Hire £10 per session
Line6 Pod £5 per session
Monitor Speaker (300W) £5 per session

PA Hire Rates

For Live Engineering and PA Hire rates please see the relevant page HERE