Use the recording space for rehearsal


Our spacious live room is now available to hire for rehearsal. The space can easily accommodate bands of up to 6 people. Rehearsal rates start at £10 per hour. Discounts are available for lockouts or regular bookings. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

A small PA is provided as well as 2 vocal microphones and stands. A mixing desk will be provided that can accommodate up to 5 vocal mics as well as keyboards and has built-in effects. Monitors can be added as well as a larger PA where necessary. Extra charges apply so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We have tried to keep pricing competitive and costs for hiring extra equipment are mainly in place to cover upkeep and maintenance. A full list of the PA available can be found on our Live|PA Hire page HERE

A drum kit and valve guitar amp are available to hire for a small surcharge. We also have a Line6 Pod which will allow guitarists to plug directly into the PA.

All rehearsing bands will have access to the main live room and the lounge area as well as the kitchen and toilet facilities. Free tea and coffee is available as well as WiFi and the TV and games consoles.

Threecircles Recording Studio - Live Room


Hourly rate
Drumkit Hire
£10 per session
Marshall Valve Amp Hire
£10 per session
Line6 Pod
£5 per session
Monitor Speaker (300W)
£5 per session
Extra Mic/Stand/Cable
£2 per session

I've heard enough, let's do this...

My band and I had an absolutely amazing experience at Threecircles. Adrian is professional, personable and passionate and really knows his stuff! It was our first time in a recording studio as a band and he was patient and helpful meaning that we managed to record four tracks in a day that we are so happy with. The mix is so professional and of such great quality, we will definitely be returning in the new year! I would highly recommend Threecircles to anyone!! Thank you Adrian!

Rachel Hickson

Rachel's Robot Army