Studio has officially reopened!

Studio Improvements Finished!

After what seemed like an interminable amount of time (6 weeks!) Threecircles Audio has now officially reopened! We now boast a programming room with a 24″ iMac, Apogee Duet convertors and Logic Studio. We also have various synths and samplers for you to use. Check back soon for rates for the programing room. We now also have a lovely lounge area with integrated kitchen facilities boasting natural light. The programming room and lounge are also fully connected with the control room meaning that we can record sound sources from anywhere in the complex. We can also send the control room mix to the lounge to listen to mixes on a consumer Hi Fi system. We also have a rather posh lav, complete with it’s own vaulted ceiling! A prize goes to the first band wanting to record in it!

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