Studio renovation to start

Building work will commence at Threecircles Audio  in a matter of weeks. We have employed a building firm to do major groundwork at the site and studio to add major improvements. Major drainage works will be carried out at the farm to enable us to add new kitchen and toilet facilities and we will also have a new lounge area and listening post with somewhere to kick back and relax! This will mean that we will also be increasing the size of the main live room due to the new space next door. We will be adding an office which will also double as a programming/writing room where we can finally find a permanent home for a lot of the synths/samplers and other hardware units that we had to move to make way for the new equipment in the studio. We are also proposing to equip the new writing room to allow us to offer video editing to our list of services. 

The building work is due to start in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for more information as it progresses. We will post pictures of the work as it happens. Keep your eye out for changes to our charges as well which will inevitably have to increase slightly to cover our increased overheads. Watch this space!!

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