Studio renovations update…

The studio extension is coming on a treat. The whole area has been tacked out with plasterboard ready to be plastered and we have had an electrician in for a few evenings to sort out all the new supply. We have managed to link the two new rooms in to the existing control room via new patchbays so that we now have 4 inter-connected rooms. This is awesome news as it means we can now track a lot more of our sessions completely live! We will still track drums in the live room but can now separate 2 amps in other rooms and the bass in the isolation room and even vocal guides in the control room meaning that clients (you!) will be able to get a whole lot more from your time at Threecircles Studios! You’ll be glad to know as well that our prices are to remain the same for the foreseeable future so you’ll get even more for your money!
Other changes are that we now have natural light in the chillout room and toilets which adds a new ambience entirely and have a PA system fitted into the walls so we can patch through your demo into the chillout area to listen to your mix on a consumer system.
The office area is set to double as a writing room with a Logic rig with various synths, samplers etc that we will be able to rent out at a separate rate to the main studio with the benefit that it will also be connected to the main studio and isolation room if tracks need to be recorded. Watch this space for details…

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