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Studio upgrades

Just a quick note to let people know of some improvements that have been made to the recording studio recently.

We have bought a new 40-input DDA FMR console to replace the old Mackie 32-buss desk that did us proud for a number of years. The new desk sounds absolutely lovely and has some great preamps (DDA went on to found Audient!). The desk also has a lovely EQ and generally more polished sound quality compared to the Mackie so fun times ahead!

New plugin bundles have been added to the control room as well. We now have the Slate Digital Trigger plugin for excellent drum replacement, as well as the company’s VCC vintage console emulation for some nice SSL, Neve, Trident, RCA and API flavours in the mix. Also added to the main mac rig are plugins from McDSP – we now have their amazing Analogue Channel plugin to give extra tape and console saturation to add some nice warmth to the recording/mixing.

The other exciting difference in the control room is the addition of three 1176 compressors. All three have been made on site and we have two black-face 1176 LN revision D clones from Hairball Audio as well as a blue-strip silver-face 1176 Revision A clone. We have been covering the latest build stages in the blog section HERE. All sound very tasty indeed an can give a real analogue flavour on the front end of any mic chain. Recent uses have been on Kick, Snare and mono room mic, as well as vocals so expect to see them on your next visit!

Also in the rack is a classic DBX 160A mono compressor which will be taming those kick drums! The unit is great at adding punch to drum tracks so look out for that too!

The last edition is a pair of Paiste cymbals for the in-house drumkit. We now have 14″ and 15″ crash cymbals which record very well indeed so make sure to ask to use them next time you record!

The next plan is to perhaps add an FMR RNC compressor as well as and Empirical Labs Distressor and maybe even an API lunchbox with some 1073 and 512 preamps 😉

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