Studio upgrades

We had the great fortune to win a handsome amount of equipment at Sounds Expo in 2007. We have now hugely increased the quality of the equipment we have in all areas, especially our AD/DA convertors which are Apogee Rosetta 800s, some of the best convertors money can buy.

In English?

The AD (analogue to digital) convertors are the means by which the signal coming from the microphone is converted into a digital signal for processing in the computer environment. It therefore follows that the better the conversion process, the better quality recordings can be made.

We also managed to land ourselves new monitors in the shape of Genelec 8030As. These help us hear the recordings we make even clearer than before and have helped to improve the quality of our mixing as well.

One further upgrade to the studio which is worth it’s weight in gold is the SSL Duende plugin DSP unit. SSL (Solid State Logic) are a company based in Oxford who have made some of the best large format analogue consoles in history. There is a high chance that one of your own favourite albums will have been recorded or mixed on one member of the SSL family. Now we can offer clients some of the legendary SSL sound. The Duende unit allows you to process audio tracks with emulations of the Channel strips and Bus Compressor from the legendary SSL 4000E/G series consoles. Not only that but we can offer an amazing 32 channels of processing at the same time!

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