Professional studio specialising in
recording full-band performances

Studio Recording

The recording studio has a large live room, isolation booth and control room. There is also an artist lounge and office space. Both connect to the control room for extra options.

We use a 32-track Pro Tools HD|3 system giving rock-solid performance and ultra-low latency. The technology gets out of the way of your creativity so you can concentrate on your music!

Whether you are a solo artist or are in a band or need help producing your ideas. Or if you want a second pair of ears for your mix, Threecircles Studio is here to help!

Threecircles Recording Studio - Live Room

Half Day

£ 135 Up to 4 Hours

Full Day

£ 200 8 Hours | 10 - 6pm

Audio Demos

Threecircles Recording Studio - Location Recording in Essex

Location Recording

Location recording is a great option if getting to the studio is difficult. If this is the case or if it is too hard to organise all members of your band then why not let me bring my studio to you?
All microphones from the studio are available for location recording. We also have vocal screens for capturing studio-quality recordings on location.

Location Recording Demos


We understand that a recorded piece of music is only as strong as the mix that people hear.

Not only do we have some of the best-sounding gear around, we know how to get the most out of it.

With an in-house engineer with years of experience behind him, you can rest assured that your music will translate to your audience.

Essex Recording Studio

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For location recording rates and discounts for block bookings please email us

All rates are negotiable and we do offer discounts to students and for block bookings. If you don’t ask you don’t get!