Hoshino dry hire - Threecircles Recording Studio

Hoshino Dry Hire at Threecircles Recording Studio

Why dry hire?

Local band Hoshino recently booked dry hire sessions at the studio. Dry hire was a perfect fit for this band as bassist and synth player Matt Milligan is also the bands’ producer.
Matt is no stranger to recording studios, having worked for Unity Audio as well as PMT. Furthermore, Matt and the band have a clear idea of what they want to achieve and are used to recording each other.
Matt asked me to help with setting up drum mics and getting a solid sound for the record. Secondly, guitarist Adam wanted to track guitars in stereo. This provided me with a new set of challenges. I had to try to get as wide a sound as possible while still creating a focused sound. Lastly, I aided the band by setting up a vocal chain for singer Elloise.
If you have a band, are competent in a studio and want a cheaper rate then why not ask us about dry hire?

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